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  1. Thank you for this helpful treatment of the stewardship model as an ideal for Christian living. It’s one we see over and over again in both testaments, and I think it helps us guard against the lurking belief that we are in charge, that what’s given to us really belongs to us, that it’s all up to us and we’re on our own. thank God! We need that help and that reminder.

    There are two temptations it doesn’t help us guard against: the temptation to believe we’re in charge of other people, and the temptation to believe we know best.

    Still, I much prefer the stewardship model over the usual “servant leader” model. It strikes me that we have merely covered our desire to be in charge, to be powerful, with pious language about how leading is really being a servant. Yet leaders have not put themselves last and set the least in the place of honor instead. On the whole, we haven’t wanted to serve, just to “lead”–that is, we want to be in power. We want have our way. Petty tyrants at the helm of personality cults often teach authoritatively about servant leadership. But that’s a far cry from Jesus getting up from his place of honor at the table, stripping off his party clothes, and washing his students’ feet.

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