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  1. Excellent Aaron! I’m not sure about your grandfather having a bike in the present heaven but I can easily imagine the two of you riding together on the new earth, perhaps even on the Sabbath!

  2. “It was embedded into the creational structure. God rested and if I was to move in the direction of looking more like him, I needed to as well.”

    Yes–because the “work” that the Bible prohibits on the Sabbath is melacha–work of a creational nature (in our society, we only interpret work as what we get paid to do). If we look at when the tabernacle was being constructed, even that creational work stopped for Shabbat.

    I rarely feel rested on a Sunday–unless it’s a day we skip church and stay home. The most restful sabbath I ever had was spent with some Orthodox Jewish friends a number of years ago. Doing all that prep ahead of time and being prohibited from various things on Shabbat might seem legalistic to us, but it really was an oasis in time.

  3. I too grew up with all the CRC restrictions.we were taught all of creation needed to rest, including our toys. Sunday was a very special day, the whole family dressing up together to listen, pray and it was the best to hear Mom And Dad and brothers and sisters sing together. Then the special relaxed Sunday dinner, naps and books , games . We had the whole family together and no one was in a hurry. Then back to church and many times extended family for a piece of cake after the service. Now was that so bad?

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