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  1. I think you’re right that it’s the golden age. What are you watching, Howard, other than A-Team?

    We primarily watch Netflix or Amazon Prime, for maybe 1-4 hours total per week, and we generally stop watching TV altogether once the weather gets warmer and our lives get too busy with kids’ track meets, soccer games, gardening, and other summer activities. But we start watching when it gets cool again and dark earlier around November, and usually go through sometime in April.

    Here are some of the things we’ve made our way through in recent years (usually one show at a time, 2-5 nights a week, depending on busyness, kids’ bedtimes, etc.). Usually it’s something we decide on and do together.

    Good Wife (caught up to the most recent episode; usually watch online since we rarely can get to it during the time in which it is broadcasted)
    The Borgias (BBC version on Netflix that got canceled after Season 3, which we are almost to the end of)
    House of Cards (haven’t tackled the third season yet. We started watching this together, then Dan got ahead of me when I went away for a few days, so we finished watching it separately, him late at night and me during winter treadmill runs)
    Luther (stopped after a few episodes, might get back to it, a little more violent than expected)
    Sons of Anarchy (fascinating story but almost one scene per episode that I can’t watch due to gruesomeness; still stalled out in Season 5 but will get back to it probably at some point)
    Doc Martin (on Amazon Prime, only a couple episodes and will likely get back to it at some point)
    Mad Men (watching as it comes out on Amazon Prime since we don’t have cable)
    Portlandia (made it all the way through; this was the easiest because they’re nice short 22-minute increments)
    We tried Revenge for a while but it got a little too nuts.
    I’ve been watching Scandal on the treadmill when I run indoors, but soon that will go away as I start running outside more again.
    We’ve also watched BSG, Firefly, The Wire and a few others in the last decade or so. So far, no Game of Thrones.

    Key to our watching is that we be able to work it into our schedule (i.e. we are not tied to some regular programming time), and that it be an engaging story line that we want to keep coming back to on cold winter nights after the kids (or most of them) are in bed. We haven’t tackled Breaking Bad yet and not sure if we will. There are a few others that have been recommended, too, that we haven’t checked out. It’s nice that there seems to be enough good material that we’re unlikely to run out for a long time at our current levels of TV consumption. 🙂

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