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  1. Josh, thanks for placing this film in the context of 2001, Interstellar and Tree of Life, as well as in a a broader SF historical context. Your review is tremendously helpful.

  2. My friend, while I respect your scrupulous attention to the virtues of cinema, let me remind you that it is still a medium for the masses, who recently voted for a leader who is a reality TV show star and a member of the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame. (I have never written those last five words. May I never do so again.) There is nothing like symphonic wonder to cheer or tame the soul, yet the foul “artist,” Stanley Kubrick, corrupted the great musical works by Johann Strauss and Richard Strauss in that ridiculous space movie that you mention. He also made apes dance around like circus clowns for nearly thirty minutes before getting to anything of substance. Please ponder this: apes for thirty, long, arduous minutes. As everyone knows, this was a brand new method of torture, deemed by some as “art.” Pah!

    Do you imagine that this work, this movie about aliens that do not and never will exist, can possibly be worth thinking about for five minutes? I urge you, dear friend, to retract this piece of writing which can do nothing but harm the most sensitive and most vulnerable of our beloved Christian brothers and sisters, who may know no better than the commercialized drivel that they unwittingly consume, on average of three to eighteen hours a day.

    Or do you really love thirty minutes of apes that much?

    Your humble servant, Jahn

    1. Jahn, your Dutch attitudes continue to get you into trouble. If you spoiled the movie for me in any way, I’ll be upset. NO spoilers!

  3. My dear Paul, no one should take rebukes from a man who reveres movies that bash our beloved profession, history. Do you think that if Genghis Khan were really to show up in San Dimas, California, circa 1987, that he would team up with Sigmund Freud to rampage a shopping mall? Neither would Napoleon condescend to romp around a waterpark. I await the day when you and our colleagues renounce such an absurdity as that Bill and Ted movie.

    Did you know that the 2001 movie ends with a baby in space? Yes, an enormous infant floating in the ethereal realms. Thus, what you are calling “art” begins with thirty minutes of apes and ends with a giant space baby. My Dutch forebears, except that wacko Hieronymus Bosch, would have rightly scoffed at such stupidity.

    Paint trees, tulips, landscapes, oceans, windmills, maidens — anything but dancing apes and space babies.

  4. Jahn, Josh and others, I just saw the movie. So I read Josh’s review more carefully…I skipped over some of it so I wouldn’t get any spoilers, I agree with the weird stuff like the right wing kooks who want to blow stuff up is a trope not needed. I also see his point with Tree of Life….but here’s the thing: Tree of Life was a mess and unwatchable for me. Truly…it seeemed like someone describing an LSD trip with no explanation or context of the drug being taken. This makes more sense. I also saw more of Contact, too in this, I think…which didn’t come out in Josh’s review. Finally, what I appreciated about this, even more than Contact, was how this was in many ways, the opposite of The Martian with Matt Damon. Remember when Matt Damon says (And it is one of the themes of the movie) that he had to “science the shit out it” to more or less stay alive…that science and technology were the solution. This movie offers a far more human approach…and a refreshing one, I think, without discounting the value of science either. Anyways, thanks for your review, Josh. And Jahn, one message from another movie from your young adult years….Lighten up, Francis.

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