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  1. Hi I’m just learning so much more about the the limbic system in relation to autoimmune disease. I like the piece you have written but sadly for those of us who have suffered immense abuse & trauma emotionally physically & mentally it’s just not that easy to ‘control’ things. Ie I have multiple autoimmune conditions (MCAS, DYSAUTONOMIA OF MY NERVOUS SYSTEM, MUAVE FACTOR, MTHFR COMPOUND HETEROZYGOUS, PSORIATIC ARTHRITIS, ETC ETC) which affect every part of my being. I am a born again believer and love my Lord Jesus passionately yet I have struggled with so many things both physically & mentally to the point where suicide felt like an option on many occasions. I’ve hadso much Christian professional psychological counselling, prayer, deliverance and many many alter calls. Recently I was left fighting for my life after a dr prescribed me a medication for lupus that caused a 3 in a million reaction that left me fighting for my life and resulted in a long stay in icu and the severe burns ward thankfully God sustained me and let me live he also imbued in me a fighting spirit and a joy for life (ah the irony) . This of course caused even greater damage and trauma to my limbic system. People like myself do not need to be told we have control, like when I eat something and go into anaphylactic shock or a smell from perfume which then causes my brain to become inflamed and react in an extreme emotional way. The guilt and shame I have felt dealing with these emotions has been insane. When I finally found a medical professional who could truly help and truly understood my suffering (which no sister or brother in Christ had, so I hid most of my pain) I praised God. So for the sake of the broken please give us some hope by maybe acknowledging that some of us may need different care but that Gods love and grace abounds and that he is mindful that we are but dust. He is near to the broken hearted and to this I can say a very very loud AMEN. God has given u a big smart brain that can be used to help the not so well put together ones. Yes we are fearfully & wonderfully made but we live in clay jars that being our fleshly bodies in a broken world. Bless u heaps ??

  2. This starts off so strong, then bounces back to parroting the foolishness I grew up around. You say right up front that the place where decisions are made in the brain can be dysfunctional in someone with a disability (say, ADHD), but you do nothing in the second half to apply this theologically. If someones brain is literally disabled in decision making and limbic centers, how do you apply this idea of sinful choices and behavior? I grew up seeing ADHD behavior labeled as “sinful” because the person didn’t show “self control”. This is incredibly damaging, and your article’s logic breaks down when you make these platitudes about choice right after sharing information about the brain that shows behavior isn’t always a free choice! Trauma informed therapists (CRI) say behavior is communication. Behavior communicates a need, a longing, an emotion, or sometimes a disability. I’d be curious to see a trauma-informed, disability-informed definition of sinful behavior. Or maybe the idea of sinful “behavior” needs to be tossed out altogether.

  3. I have to agree with the other commentators. The article started off reasonably well and then went off the rails theologically – constraining it to a tight set of scriptures.

    Christianity often states “God cannot be boxed”. Hence Jesus breaks all the norms and expectations of the many. But the bible is boxing God.

    Is this bibliolatry (idolatry of the bible)? Placing the bible above the love/abiding ethic of Christ and his early followers?
    Can God add to the closed canon?
    Is he not for ever revealing his unsearchable riches to us?
    Or does his majesty have an end point with the words/language/translations of the written text of the new testament?

    There is so much the limbic brain can teach us about our humanity – lets shine a light on it in bright ways so people don’t have live in shame or guilt because they know not what they do.


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