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  1. The tongue is full of deadly poisons it can speak life or death. just speak words that strengths and encourage nothing but the truth.☺

  2. The problem is not cussing it is the sinning against GOD and. not condoning the sin. It was the scribes that imitate the crucifing of our SAVIOUR. But thou repentance we are delivered and saved by his blood. You need to write about the wars in our country with racism and these Christian men and women still having sex with children and women there not married to. Or the spiritual mental abuse among Christians. The church leaders calling there abuse teachering how to win souls for the lord. Or husband’s not taking care. Of there families because there living life today 2017 like the days before Lucifer or ythe subtil creature slid on it’s belly ONE GOD ONE FAITH ONE BAPTISM PRAY FOR ALL SINNERS. MERCY IS BLOOD JESUS. not idol gods nor godless leaders.

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