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December 13, 2018

As we wind down the year, iAt will take a look back at 2018: our favorite podcasts, books, and articles. Here is a list of some of our favorite podcasts. We’d love to have you weigh in! What podcasts influenced you in the past year? What podcasts would you recommend to the readers of iAt? Leave your recommendations in the comments.

Church Politics Podcast
The “Church Politics” Podcast is where you can get in-depth political analysis from a Christian worldview with Michael Wear & Justin Giboney.

The Culture Gabfest
Slate Magazine’s culture podcast, covering topical material from the highbrow to the lowbrow.

A weekly movie podcast hosted by two Chicago-based film critics.

A podcast by Jonathan Goldstein filled with deep personal stories blended with humor.  The episodes follow Goldstein as he helps another person reexamine something, or someone, that impacted their past.

The Impact
The Impact is a weekly narrative podcast about the consequences that laws have on real people’s lives, hosted by Sarah Kliff.

Mere Fidelity
Features discussions of theology, culture, and politics.

More Perfect
From the producers of Radiolab, a series about how the Supreme Court got so supreme with Jad Abumrad.

Pass the Mic
A podcast from the Reformed African American Network, touching on theology, race, politics, and other topics that matter to the contemporary church.

Revisionist History
A podcast from Malcolm Gladwell and Panoply. Each week, Revisionist History goes back and reinterprets something from the past: an event, a person, an idea. Something overlooked. Something misunderstood.

Revolutions Podcast
Revolutions is a podcast created by Mike Duncan and first aired in September of 2013. Each season is dedicated to one revolution and is told in a narrative style.

Slow Burn
Leon Neyfakh excavates the strange subplots and forgotten characters of recent political history—and finds surprising parallels to the present.

Teaching in Higher Ed
Geared towards professors in higher education, this podcast explores the art and science of being more effective at facilitating learning as well as personal productivity, so that educators can have more peace and be even more present with students.

Vocation and the Common Good
Through conversation with selected members of the Vocation and the Common Good project, this podcast highlights the role institutions, friends, family, and colleagues have played in sustaining people within their ongoing attempts to be faithful to the call of God upon their lives. Produced by Phil Lorish at New City Commons.

The Watch

One of The Ringer’s signature pop culture podcasts.

Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me
Airing weekly this NPR current events quiz show, hosted by Peter Sagal, is all about the humor of testing your own knowledge to know what is real news from the week and what’s made up.

Welcome to Night Vale
A dramatic podcast presented as a radio show for the fictional town of Night Vale, reporting on the strange events that occur within it.

A podcast from Face the Nation’s John Dickerson on presidential campaign history

You Must Remember This
A storytelling podcast detailing the overlooked histories of Hollywood’s first century.

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