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  1. Thanks, Howard! Sharing what you know about your uncle and his struggles as a Christian soldier help me better understand and appreciate Memorial Day, too. It also blesses me in other ways.

  2. Howard, That was an excellent essay for Memorial Day. I and my now dead husband Charlie share your ambivalence about celebrating it. I should tell you that Charlie’s father, who served in World War II, came home as a declared honorable pacifist and Charlie’s brother was also sent home from Vietnam as a pacifist. Charlie’s brother went into the service as a nurse because fighting and killing would be dishonoring the Lord. Charlie, fortunately, was never called to Vietnam. We would have done many things to avoid fighting and killing. So there are generations of people who actually served who had difficulties with killing even in wars that were not as strange as our recent ones.

  3. Thank you, Howard. An honest pondering that represents the tension that a lot of us feel about this holiday weekend-a mix of gratitude and pensive reflection.

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