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  1. Aaron,
    I appreciated what you wrote. I showed up this semester for the PLIA presentations. Most of the groups did a fine job of presenting using your set of goals. One group however presented in a way that was belittling to the native people. One girl in that group bravely took the microphone and spoke eloquently of how she saw the situation and presented a fine report keeping with what you write. I want to thank her for speaking up and saying what was on her heart and doing it for the glory of God. Thank you.

  2. Great read, Bart!!! Your main points certainly reflect the Standards of Excellence in short term missions that have been outlined in the UK, Canada and now in the US. The Peer Review Assessment Form from the Standards of Excellence is an incredible tool for working through all aspects of mobilization, from: participants in the mission experience (goers, senders, those receiving teams and those intended to be ministered with/to), chronologically, (pre field, on field, post field), and theologically. Check out the SOEs at
    The CRCNA and RCA mission offices are working to increase peer learning among congregations when it comes to excellence in short term missions. Watch for regional round table discussions in 2017.
    And, about #4 – I think serving has a place – even in menial tasks or acts of kindness – as long as it fits into the long term relationships and objectives. If that’s what the Host Ministry wants then do it with all your heart. (Just dont take jobs away from nationals who want to work and feed their family).

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