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  1. This is great, Jon. “People used to journal; now they blog.” What an interesting take on how Christians (and all people) deal with the desire to be known.

  2. Entertainment media both reflects and shapes the popular culture; even if you tune out its sources and impact are all around you, working. Focusing on the repair of relationships and justice toward all others is the only way forward and not just within religious communities amongst themselves; those boundaries should not close off from the world but open up to it.

    Maybe I’m misunderstanding the comment about blogs, but isn’t this a blog of sorts? Blogs and other social media are not a replacement for private journals unless you restrict your audience to yourself or a small group. They seem most commonly used as an amplified form of citizen journalism, political activism, and public intellectualism or just another way to do a newsletter for a particular affinity or interest group. They can be about one or many people “being known” in some personal, writerly way or a much broader form of social information and idea exchange. Done well, these are powerful ways to exercise the values and pursue the goals expressed here.

  3. Great thoughts, Jonathan! As someone who has lived without at TV for my whole married life, and who also works in campus ministries, I frequently encourage young adults and especially newly married couples to at least forgo the TV for a season – Lent is a great start! Whenever my wife and I choose to watch TV – an episode of The Office on a laptop, or the Super Bowl at a friend’s house, we are in complete agreement that we are very sensitized. Your thoughts on sexuality are worth reflecting on, but going without TV also allows us to be appropriately sensitized to all kinds of violence, harsh language, crass joking, sheer volume and chaos and more that characterizes most TV and advertising.

    I will pass this article on in the future to those who ask, why no tv?

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