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  1. Thanks Dan! Well said and well done! God has blessed your work in both public (government) schools and Christian schools. I like your church’s policy on helping parents whatever decision they make. I still hope that in our lifetime we will see true justice in the finances offered by government to help parents with educating their children.

  2. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us, Dan! I particularly appreciated your first point: all schools are “religious” schools, because there is always some faith perspective (even secular humanism) being embodied in the policies and practices. How well are Christian schools truly striving to be distinctive in this light? Are they just following the model of whatever public schools are doing, and then trying to add on a biblical perspective? Or is the faith perspective central, integral to the identity of the school, and everything else flows out from there? I worry sometimes that it’s too much of the former (just following what broader education culture is doing) and not enough of the latter. My 2¢…

  3. Like you, I was educated in Christian schools, in my case kindergarten through college, and have taught in both Christian and public high schools. I can relate to your experiences and observations, and I agree completely with your conclusions. It has been a pleasure to reconnect with many former students and colleagues from both backgrounds and to learn how they love and serve our Lord Jesus Christ in their lives today.

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