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  1. Thanks Neal, I really appreciate the prism/refraction metaphor. It helps me think about my image-bearing in a way that is new to me – and very helpful.

  2. Is it possible to love our spouse as much as God? Love God, or Love Spouse?

    Every time time I “love” my wife, I am simultaneously loving God?
    If God is love (as John teaches us) than might we also say that “Love is God?
    Time ago I read a question from a college student to a pastor in a christian Blog. And he said that:

    “If viewed like this then it becomes relatively impossible for us to love anyone more than God, for every time we enact the sacred gift of giving love to someone we are simultaneously loving Love. We are, in a sense, calling forth God through our act of love while also demonstrating our love of and our love towards God.”

    As for myself, I believe that the union of man and woman is a representation of the relationship between Jesus and His bride (the Church), and is a bond where we share God’s love with each other – we will see Christ’s love in each others eyes.

    What do you think?

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