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  1. Sounds great but I’m afraid companies with liability insurance issues might put a damper on
    it for these younger aged kids. Who wrote many years ago Education is Experience?

  2. While I agree largely with the sentiment behind this article, there are two very important things to consider:
    1) having access to information is not the same as having it in working memory so that connections can be made to new ideas and experiences. Real critical thinking and problem solving requires that I actually know enough about a subject to critically analyze other ideas or fit possible solutions into a broad framework of information and ideas. How do you even decide what information you should go look for unless you already have a sense of the scope of a problem and the relevant context? It is actually really important to know stuff. Knowing stuff does not require memorization and regurgitation type learning I agree. Experience is a great learning tool but doing it reflectively and with a variety of different lenses to make sense of our experiences.

    2) I think you would agree that learning something differently is actually learning something different. If that is the case, what should our learning standards look like- or should we dispense with standards all-together? (that’s a real question) You mention allowing students to choose how they learn best- is there a common set of experiences, ideas, dispositions, etc that we hope all students will develop/experience?

    What you have described above resonates strongly with the Montesorri model. Why hasn’t it been adopted more broadly? We have had books and movies with lots of information available to us for many years but this model hasn’t been broadly adopted… Do you think it is just inertia?

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