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  1. I agree with you that very often we are not in control of our pregnancies or our “birth experiences,” as things so often go off the plan.

    I don’t fault the people encouraging women to “take charge” of their pregnancies and birth experiences, though, because of the way the medical establishment can man-handle our healthcare according to their own convenience or ideology.

    I have been pregnant and given birth twice, but the 2nd time was at 23 weeks gestation, and my little girl didn’t make it. So, like so many others who have had miscarriages, stillborns and other complications, I know that there is very little we can control, in our pregnancies, our “birth experiences,” or really anything else in this life.

    I’m all for people taking charge of their own healthcare and not being bullied into a planned C-section (for no good reason), epidurals, pitocin or other drugs (or even having the baby in a hospital if they want a home birth).

    The problem, as you so eloquently stated, is when we think we have much control over anything at all.

    Our lives are in the hands of God, and the sooner we learn that, in our pregnancies, in our birth experiences, and in everything else, the better.

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