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  1. Re: “Read slower and read smaller sections, maybe even only a few verses at a time.”

    That’s interesting, because I have found that many people do this and in so doing, they miss some of the big pictures of the Bible because they don’t get the context of reading larger sections at once. For example, a few years ago I took a weekend and read through both 1 & 2 Kings…or was it 1 & 2 Chronicles…? They are similar. Either way, doing that gave me such a different perspective than had I just read a few verses at a time. Similarly, right now I’m teaching a class at church on the gospel of Luke. We’re doing 2 chapters per week, and while that can be a lot, the benefit to reading larger sections at once and continuing it each week has helped us to see the bigger picture and it’s been pretty amazing.

    1. Good points Kelly, this is why when assembling a reading plan I break the chapters in to topical areas for example currently I am helping others read all of Ephesians, so first they would read 1:1-1:2 the next night would then be 1:3-1:14 followed the next night by 1:15-1:22. Each night a topical section is covered so it is large enough to be useful, but not so large as to cause a reader burnout on a given night.

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