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  1. Interesting – I think that this might be the movie shot in my home town of Clovis, New. Mexico and Portales, NM. I just read JD Vance’s book – Hillbilly Elegy and it reminded me so much of the Cowboys out West . My class of 1963 is scattered all over the US because there was no future in Clovis for most of us. The few that stayed either worked for the Santa Fe Railroad – inherited jobs or Ranchers or farmers. I married an Airman , moved to his hometown of Holland, MI and I graduated from Hope College. Early on in life after living through the tag end of the dustbowl days, I knew that I wanted out of New Mexico and as far away from the heartbreak of crop failures, no rain and years of no money but at the same time I learned very valuable lessons during those hard times. I will make an effort to view this film.

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